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Every month the tour will be a little different, so expect the unexpected! This is how the character of Jersey was formed in oh... so many different ways. From Royalists & Parliamentarians; Stuarts, Georgians & Victorians and a few others; Fishing & cider, are just a few themes.

This month we shall look at how St Helier grew over the centuries from a marshy low lying basin surrounded on three sides by steep hills to become the islands capital. A castle and a fort defended our capital while a safe harbour was built for Jersey merchants. We will also spy a few of the remnants to give us a clue how this was made possible.

Please bear with me as I navigate the internet. At the present time to book your place go straight through to EvenbriteJersey ( ) and in the top left hand corner search for 'St Helier - the character & Capital'.

If you wish to email Sue, her email address is

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