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'Spring Walking Week' with the National Trust for Jersey
6th - 10th April 2022

Explore the Lanes and Pathways surrounding The Elm

Join family history guide Sue Gorin on a wonderful circular walk around the lanes of St Mary and the top of St Peter’s Valley. Find the tracks which were once said to be our roads and discover how each family of the parish would take a part in mending and repairing these roads. We will explore the life of intrigue of Gigoulande Mill and discover the new pathway as the Crown is re-establishing this iconic place in Jersey's history. We will walk through the beautiful Head Quarters of the National Trust of Jersey ‘The Elms’ and discover the history of the top part of the valley and the work of the Trust.

Rambling through St John's

Take a walk around Sorel, Mourier Valley and the little hidden pathways in this area. We may meet the most famous residents of Mourier valley, the multi-horned Manx Loaghtan sheep and we will definitely hear the characterful red-billed Choughs. The views are spectacular with the flora and fauna to match. Hear about the work of the Trust in this beautiful little gem of a headland and valley.

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Revolution & Rebellion - Corn Riots

Country people banded together to fight for their lives, literally because they were starving. This wasn’t the first time in the 1700’s they were pushed to their limits. Take a peaceful walk through wood land and St Peter’s valley, starting at the Seigneurial home of la Hague Manor. Explore why the people rebelled and the Political, Social and Governmental changes that occurred.

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