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St Aubin Walking Tour

Discover the picturesque village of St. Aubin every Friday morning from the 19th April until 25th of October. The tour will be with one of four qualified tour guides, of the Jersey Tourist Guide Association, who are ready to take you on a journey through the fascinating history and culture of this Port.

St Aubin was once Jersey's premier port where privateers, smugglers and pirates landed on shore. The privateers were given 'Letters of Mark' by the king who gave them authority to capture ships on his behalf. The commodities these ships brought to the island were sold in a Market that was held on a Monday. 


Learn of the wealth of some of these men who took the perilous journeys across the sea. 

Tours start from outside St Brelades Parish Hall at 11.15am and finish at 12.15 Noon.

Tickets are £10. 

To book tickets in advance click here or you can buy tickets on the day (cash only, please). 

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