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Family History & Genealogy Tours

Are you interested in learning more about your family history and genealogy in Jersey? 

During the centuries, many people came to Jersey for different reasons, from working in our booming tourism in the 60s, to working in our agriculture industry since the early 1800s. Some came over from Europe as Huguenots who were fleeing during a series of religious persecutions, or coming over as half pay officers after the Napleonic wars to defend Jersey from its enemies. Those who left Jersey had no prospects in the island and chose to become adventurers exploring the world and braving the seas.

My family history and genealogy tours look at whether your ancestors were among these people.  Whoever they were, we can follow their footsteps in Jersey and explore your roots to the island. 

My own family history dates back to 1338, when my ancestors were the defenders of the island from the French invaders. I started to research my family line in the 1970's where I had to go to each parish of the island searching through books and papers to find the important connections.  

During these tours, I mix my love of history and weave the stories of your ancestors to give the opportunity to learn about the lives, customs, and traditions of your ancestors, and gain a deeper understanding of your family history. 

These family history and genealogy tours are designed for anyone who wants to explore their family's roots and discover more about their heritage. Once you contact me, I will arrange call for us to discuss the tour they you would like to have.

Please look at prices for Private tours.

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