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Walking tours & rambles 

St Helier walks 

I start my tours from various locations in the centre of our island, St Helier, discovering the different centuries as I guide you through our cultural town.

My tours are a great way to experience and find out the history of St Helier.  The tours normally last about 2 hours, where we wander through the town and I explain the history, culture and hidden secrets of the area, which even most of the local residents of the town don't know about!

Dates for my St Helier walks

Dates coming soon.

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Parish Walks

Every month I hold tours in different Parishes, exploring the winding pathways, cliffs and roadways to discover the different personalities behind each Parish.  

There are 12 parishes in Jersey, and they each have different landscapes and attractions. 

Join me on my walks as we explore the Parishes.

Dates for parish walks 

'Rambling in St John'

Take a walk around St John's Church then onto Sorel, Mourier Valley and the little hidden pathways in this area. We may meet the most famous residents of Mourier valley, the multi-horned Manx Loaghtan sheep and we will definitely hear the characterful red-billed Choughs. The views are spectacular with the flora and fauna to match. Hear about the work of the National Trust of Jersey and the Jersey National Park in this beautiful little gem of a headland and valley.

The walks also take us on a walk along the old occupation railway track as we head back to St John's church.

Dates coming soon


'Strolling through Trinity'

Strolling around the lanes of Trinity we will find a hidden richness to Parish through hundreds of years of occupation. Hear the folklore & walk in the footsteps of the ancestors and learn how they fort the invaders.

Dates coming soon.

'Walking through the Lanes of St Ouen'

St Ouen's is the most North Westerly Parish which has a character all of its own.


Dates coming soon.

Grantez & the waving fields
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